Anyone can get stronger and gain greater physical skill but doing so in a direct, timely and safe manner is an investment into the true wealth and happiness of your future.

I first became a Personal Trainer at Fitness World on Kingsway in 2007. It was a great way to get into the industry and I was happy to start working for myself in 2009. This allowed me the grace to get away from a sales oriented culture and focus on serving the needs of my clients.

I have taken courses for nutrition, yoga, fitness kick boxing, and psychology in order to better serve my clients.

I also do assisted stretching and thai yoga massage (since 2016). It’s like yoga for people who don’t want to stretch and would rather have someone stretch them out while they relax. I think it’s great for everyone; it seems we all grow more stiff over the years and this is a laid back cure to lack of flexibility and pain from stiffness.

My love of physical activity was instilled in me by my mother. My mom stressed the importance of physical activity early on. She enrolled me year round in activities and sports. I played team soccer, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and football.

As a kid it’s great to have that “nudge” and direction, to teach and guide you on the right path. Personal training is a great opportunity for my passion to guide and help others.

There is so much noise surrounding what is right in the fitness industry. One thing that is so disappointing is the truth being drowned out among an industry obsessed with image at the cost of health itself.

It’s really crazy how even after playing high school football for years, where we had pro weight trainers from the football team at USC (college football), I still felt lost when trying to achieve some of my fitness goals.

I want to help sort through all the noise to deliver the most effective information and work out possible.
I don’t want anyone to feel the need to use drugs or create a lifestyle that can’t be kept long term.

Applying exercise science and knowledge allows me to make the most out of training.
You can achieve all your goals with just 2 hours of training per week, and I truly love helping people make small changes in their daily and weekly routine that lead to big overall changes in their life.

I was training hard with out seeing results I was expecting and it became evident my focus was needed elsewhere.
I had to learn to exercise the mind: I learned to focus on health, eat properly and train effectively.

Stress from life or excessive fatigue can really kill your health and fitness gains.
As I got bigger, I ate more, and caused more inflammatory reactions that diminished my health. It took over a decade to be diagnosed for such illness as Crohn’s disease, Ceoliacs disease, and GI Reflux disease.

These were major setbacks which caused me to get very skinny dropping from 180 to 150 lbs when I had very little fat. I was able to control my dietary issues to the point I got up to 192 lbs on the scale with 10% body fat, the best I ever did. I was thrilled about getting strong again as I was also recovering from multiple car accidents.

I think these struggles really lead to an obsession with the studies and sciences surrounding nutrition and injury, as well as how they affect our health and performance. I am so happy unfortunate circumstances ended up causing me to learn. I gained valuable information I can use to help others.

My passion, experience and knowledge give me confidence that I not only have great ability to improve the healthfulness and fitness of others, but that I have the tools to help out a huge variety of people.

Please contact me and let me know how I can help you.

778 384 2515