Nic Fit – Personal Training New Westminster

New Westminster personal trainer here to help you in the gym,
at home, or even online. Available to local cities.

Nic has 14 years experience, and has worked with over
100 satisfied clients: training for everything
from fat loss, to beauty pageants, to professional sports…

He is a personal trainer who has learned the keys necessary:
·To deliver on your goals for body transformation and
·To improve your health and fitness

His technical training skills and knowledge are only exceeded by a genuine desire to help you feel your best and achieve your personal goals! If you want someone to guide and positively motivate you through a fitness journey, you have made a great choice.

Nory Stammers

I have been training with Nic for over 5 years and the entire experience has been top notch.

When we first started he stressed form over increasing weight. He made sure that proper form was in place to help avoid potential injuries. It was because of this focus on form, that in my 3rd year of training with him I was able to attain a deadlift PR at 505lbs.

Peter Kuyvenhoven

I trained with Nic for three years. I had initially just searched for a trainer so I would stay regular with workouts, but really enjoyed my sharp gain in stability and strength working with Nic. He was very adaptable to my changing aims in other sports and recreation, but I especially benefitted from his willingness to find exercises that were effective for me individually

Rebecca Rivera

Nic Fit’s services are ideal for anyone looking for:

·A health first training program
·And for anyone with a busy schedule looking to reach their goals in the most time efficient way possible.

Anyone can get stronger and gain greater physical skill but doing so in a direct, timely and safe manner is an investment into the true wealth and happiness of your future.

I first became a Personal Trainer at Fitness World on Kingsway in 2007. It was a great way to get into the industry and I was happy to start working for myself in 2009. This allowed me the grace to get away from a sales oriented culture and focus on serving the needs of my clients.

I have taken courses for nutrition, yoga, fitness kick boxing, and psychology in order to better serve my clients.

I also do assisted stretching and Thai yoga massage (since 2016).

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